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helicopter shooting

We can organize aerial filming in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. 
For making amazing aerial plans of our beautifull city we will need to rent a helicopter, to rent a gyrostabilization system and to get the permit for filming Saint-Petersburg from air (you have to write down the list of places you want to get filmed or the precise itinerary, there are lots of restrictions concerning this kind of filmings in Russia). 
Also it's obligatory to make an insurance policy for third-party liability during the shooting. 
Due to a complicate system of coordinating with local authorities the preparation may take up to two weeks.
We recommend using MI-8 helicopters (it's a medium twin-turbine transport helicopter).

We have the best professionals (pilots and cameraman) for doing this!

Moreover you can order the filming without coming to Russia or to buy footage video from our company. 

Send your request to info@whereisrussia.tv
Call us: +7 931 577-23-62

PS. Cineflex and Wescam systems are not availible for rental in Saint-Petersburg. If needed - we can bring them for your filming from Moscow.