We can support the planning of your film or photo production at any stage of the project: 

From small and simple questions regarding climatic conditions or suitable locations to executing artbuying tasks and advising on complete shoot logistics. Thereby we can help to minimize complicacies and to save costs already in the conceptual phase. One of our specialties is to help reconstructing the Soviet period. We know the right filming locations and have the right props.

With our vast experience in fixer and production services in Russia we can advise on every aspect of a production:

  • Where to find in Russia a club of Elvis, Depardieu or Lenin impersonators? 
  • How to find in Saint Petersburg a restaurant with caviar-based desserts?
  • Why the price of one night in a five stars hotel in Saint Petersburg is similar to the round-trip flight to your country? 
  • What permits do you need for filming at ... ? 
  • Renting filming equipment in Saint Petersburg, Moscow or in any other city of Russia
  • Finding a studio for an interview or an audio studio for your filming
  • How to contact Russian authorities for getting support for your filming?

Not depending on the budget of your project we will be glad to help you! E-mail us on